Is the ‘Battle of the Brands’ beginning to change?

Manufacturer and dealer brands have been competing for market share for several decades and dealers amongst themselves are competing even more.  This battle of the brands heated up when giant retail chains began promoting their own brands.  Some manufacturers refuse to produce dealer brands.  Some others sell more units under dealer brands than under their own brand.

boxer ali

Price used to be the only appeal of dealer brands.  They were lower in price and lower in quality.  Over the years, however, the quality gap has narrowed considerably.  The price gap has not narrowed quite as much.  Meanwhile, buyers have become more knowledgeable about these facts and, as a result, serious inroads have been made by dealer brands in many industries.

With the internet, the price battle has increased, while quality assurance has remained the same since we are confident in our regulators.  Are we only just price shopping?  Do we still care about the quality of service from one dealer to the next?  In the automotive world, we can see dealers & family brands making great strides to ensure a level of satisfaction that is above its competitors because the ‘word-of-mouth’ from the internet & online is growing more important everyday.  Yet, it still hasn’t been leveraged to the capabilities that it could.

The greatest intrinsic value of an automotive dealer is and always will be its people.  Each employee and team member of a dealer; sales representatives, management, finance, service writers, technicians, parts, receptionist, even the lot attendant, should focus on how they interact with every single customer.  Making sure they are educated, not only on brands they offer, but more importantly, why doing business with that dealership has impact on their life and the community.


To begin making that impact, you need to start with you and your surroundings.  Who do I work with?  How well do we all work together?  What impact do I have at this place of business?  Start there, and noticeably, it doesn’t matter if its internal or external, employees and customers will all be sharing together in quality service and a great reputation.  That will make a major impact on the brand, especially your own personal brand.  Because of the internet, personal brands can impact family brands and ultimately carry change.  What kind of change is up to you.

Is your personal brand competing with the dealer brand?  Comment below…


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