Social Marketing Technology Training with Dennis Yu, Alex Houg and BlitzMetrics

Last week I had the privilege of spending 5 full days packed learning Social Marketing Technology Training with Dennis Yu, Alex Houg and the BlitzMetrics team.  It was nothing short of impressive and quite the learning experience.  Each day had its own theme categorized similar to a workshop full of contextual relevancy and experience provided by Dennis & Alex.  It was great to deep dive as a data scientist using MySQL Workbench and as a group, query data to analyze the different scenarios, probabilities, and rationale behind all of it.

We created Social Affinity Models, analyzed the conversion funnel, discussed strategies and tactics for content production relative to Audience building content, Engagement content and Conversion focused content.  All the while, backed up everything with an ROI (return on investment), ROAS (return on advertising spend), ROMI (return on marketing investment) models to boot, because as we all know, you can’t manage what you don’t measure.  All things I’m familiar with, yet, this setting was different.  I believe it was the passion in the room, filled with great minds.

Dennis Yu data science
Dennis Yu data science

I really like how they laid out the structure of the training as it put most of the social marketing pieces together as one.  Strategy, Content, Targeting, Amplification and Optimization all a part of the mix.  We also had the time to insert some InfusionSoft & Marketo marketing automation.

Other topics we trained on included; becoming a thought leader, personalization process, engagement modeling, competitive analytics, data modeling, AdWords, Facebook Power Editor, Top N, Google Analytics, Market Mix Modeling, Advanced Attribution, FB Insights CSV and Metrics Decomposition.

This was a truly fantastic week with Dennis, Alex and the BlitzMetrics team.  I’m excited to apply everything that I learned with my existing experiences and have with my clients continue to win by marketing and innovating.  #CrushIt


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