How one ballet lesson can improve your presentation skills

Yes, I said it.  Something your probably not very familiar with.  Ballet.  Ya know, that thing you have to wear tights and leotards.  I’ve personally spent over 15 years behind the bar practicing and exercising technique, form, positioning and motion.  Refining my core strengths which improves all aspects of athletics in one form or another.  Here is how one ballet lesson can improve your presentation skills.

ballet helps presentation
ballet dancers have the best stage presence

Body positioning.  In ballet, you learn the basics of classic ballet positions.  Where to align your feet, how to hold your arms in the air, chest, hips, neck, back, knees, tail bone, and so on.  You master your body structure and how it all connects.  That’s why some of the greatest sports athletes take or have taken ballet classes.

How does this improve your presentation skills?  First, it will improve your stage presence.  Your body placement and positioning says a lot when it comes to the confidence you have on stage.  A simple two degree adjustment can change one’s perspective of you entirely.

Be bold and take a chance.  If your presentation skills do not improve from taking a ballet class, send me receipt and I’ll personally refund you.  I guarantee it.

To your well formed success – Brian



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