Quick and dirty little A.D.H.D video ads coming soon on social channels near you!

Ready to get your mobile video ad skills game on?  Media about media with contextually relevant media in motion is a three dimensional game changer.  It’s like the Don Quixote of marketing micro-strategy that we need to keep an eye out for.

Flash memory from servers, codec and compression (like h.264), and peer-to-peer networking has made some serious advances over the past few years, with Spotify and instagram video, which then came Vine with auto-play (same as on FB), and so things are.. let’s just say evolving.  Logically the next step is for advertisers to jump on board… naturally with cute little six second videos (probably longer).


So are you ready for mobile video ads inside social channels auto-playing every 30 seconds?  Will it yield similar results to other video ad channels and improve Reach (impressions x users)?  With all this content inventory to auction off inside the ever developing social channels and the need to fill space for advertisers, how long will it take content producers to perfect this method of delivery? I’m going to guess not long considering Vine is already giving us that, but will marketers be creative or will they continue to intrude and break our loyalty by pushing their ads on us because they are not ready to change their mad men methods or message. Mobile auto-play ads will be an interesting way to attract new publishers.  Although, the big challenge is that some storytellers are great writers, but not great video publishers.  For some, this could be a game changer and for others, a big barricade and challenge to overcome.  We may need to surf on some Vine and look back on GaryVee’s Wine Library TV to further the ideation for creation.  You be the judge, check out the stat


mobile ads

I’m only making a prediction here as others have.  We’ll see what this years F8 is going to present and if mobile auto-play is really on the radar as we all think it is. Comment below!


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