Are you in sales?

I agree, the majority of us are in sales. Several CEO’s I admire are the best sales people on the planet. #inspiredbythelegendarychetholmes

The Ultimate Sales Machine Blog

shutterstock_147819386Many people say they are not a sales person. Maybe that is because of what we think sales people are. In college, a professor asked the class “Who here will be in sales at the end of the year?” I didn’t raise my hand because I pictured a person hauling a vacuum cleaner from door to door. But I was already in sales—as a football coach trainee I had to sell the players on what play to do next, as a bartender I had to sell them to try the latest happy hour drink. If you ask the common person what sales is they’d say it is someone selling someone else a product or service. And they would be wrong.

Sales is transferring a belief. A belief translates into confidence. That confidence moves people. It is not about getting you to do something. It is about getting you…

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