Ride With Cox Race Recap – Mt. Borah Epic 5/31/14


Dearest interweb,

First and foremost, thank you for all the positive feedback and inquiries regarding Ride With Cox.  The Facebook page has recieved a lot of likes and shares with our month of #RideWithCox   which has been incredible.  Keep posting, sharing, and liking!  It’s a pleasure and honor to have the support of Cox Motors of New Richmond, Osceola Auto Sales in Osceola, WI, and 1:16 Digital Media in Stillwater, MN.

For those that read Mt. Borah Epic and subsequently made this face:

bored owlI would like to explain what this event is.  It is an annual mountain bike race that takes place between Cable and Hayward, WI.  It’s a beat down, it’s rough, and it’s long.  34 miles to be exact. 34 miles of rocks, roots, climbing, descending, and negotiating.

I have a problem.  I constantly think I’m in better shape than I am.  I still have the mentality that I…

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