Meet the ETHOS Rating—A new, unbiased quality scale for loan officer performance


Ethics. Everyone has them, whether we’ve consciously established them or not. Even if people come from similar backgrounds or cultures, their ethics are going to vary in both subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

We get the English word from the Greek word “ethos,” which translates to mean “character” or “credibility.” The extended concept speaks to a person’s overall morality (usually in a positive context)—plus the reputation a person has for acting in an ethical manner. Has their life…has their work…been ethical? Do people recognize him or her for adhering to positive standards such as integrity, quality, and knowledgeable service?

In the same way, within the mortgage industry, loan officers are expected to adhere to a high level of excellence and ethics. Their job is to serve the consumers seeking help with their mortgage. But just like everyone might hold to variable ethics, loan officers aren’t ever quite the same from one to the next. Where one client might encounter excellent communication and speedy filing turnaround with one loan officer, that same client could struggle with poor accuracy and slow response times with another.

How can consumers know beforehand what their experience with a particular loan officer might be?

Introducing…the ETHOS Rating! Thanks to our comprehensive (and growing) database of loan officers, we’ve empowered consumers to provide highly detailed feedback on their experiences with loan officers from across the country. Using the info they provide, we’re then able to cull unique data-points pertaining to each loan officer in our registry and assign them a calculated rating that reflects their performance in essential areas.

Thanks to such consumer-driven reviews, we’re able to offer a rating that is:

  • Unbiased – All loan officers undergo the same algorithmic analysis. We don’t play favorites!
  • Informative – Consumers can see how loan officers rate in areas such as communication, turnaround times, responsiveness, accuracy, and overall experience.
  • Accessible – We make it easy for laypeople to understand a loan officer’s 1-5 star rating and how it relates to their industry background.

These ratings can then directly help consumers make informed decisions when seeking a loan officer’s services in the future. So if you’ve had experience (either positive or negative) with any loan officers before, search them out on our review and recommendation platform and be sure to provide your honest opinion. The more feedback we get, the more accurate our ETHOS ratings will become!

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